With warm weather returning we’re bringing back some great summertime specials. The beer bread continues this month with Bacon, Cheddar, Beer – try the rolls for an amazing hamburger slider! And next time you break out the grill, try a slice of Sundried Tomato & Basil Sourdough with a brush of olive oil and two minutes of cooking per side. Pesto Parmesan Swirl is back on Wednesdays, as well as the Pear & Ginger Scuffins

We’re also debuting a new cookie this month that we’re calling The Toasty. Made in the same style as our other oatmeal cookies, it contains toasted sunflower seeds, almonds and more, which we finely chop to produce a crispy cookie that tastes like it’s made with nut-butter. It’s our little way of keeping the bakery peanut free but still making a “peanut butter” cookie! Happy Spring!

Matt + Kath




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