Can the first few months of the year be any busier? Mardi Gras is on February 9  and we will have King Cakes on Jan 29th, Feb 2nd, and the 4-9th (excluding Sunday).

Our King Cakes are made from soft, springy dough that we roll in cinnamon-sugar, braid into a wreath, and top with cream cheese icing and traditionally colored sugar. Baby included! Orders are recommended. 

Of course we can’t forget Valentine’s Day, so we’ll have Chocolate Cherry Cookies and Triple Chocolate Raspberry teacakes and heart moulds all month long! Chocolate Babka will also make an appearance the week of Valentine’s Day (with and without cherries!)

We're always looking to add to our crew.

Seeking responsible, enthusiastic morning people for our 
3:30am sponge + dough and sweets shifts. 
Send us an application from the jobs page

Great Harvest "Knead To Know" Information

When we open at 7am on Monday to Saturday, we have muffins, scuffins and bars ready for breakfast! Enjoy a cup of our Great Harvest Blend by Shenandoah Joe's. Breads are out of the oven each day around 10am. Come by and we'll slice you a hunk to taste!Sandwiches are served from 11am-3pm daily (roughly!). 

Sandwiches are of course served on our freshly baked breads and are stacked high with fillings. Our Curried Tuna Salad and Monticello Garden Hummus are local favorites. See our whole sandwich menu on the Sandwich page. 

Can't come till late afternoon? Call ahead and we'll reserve you a loaf or two of your favorites to ensure you can have them with dinner that night. Want to bring in breakfast or lunch to your office? Call ahead and we'll have a beautiful spread put together for you. Check out our Catering Menu. 

We Grind Our Whole Wheat Fresh Everyday!

Because freshly milled, whole wheat tastes phenomenal, and fresh whole grain bread is life-enhancing. We use premium wheat bought from family owned farms located in the finest wheat growing region in the world -- Montana.




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