Great Harvest Charlottesville

McIntire Plaza | 1701 Allied Lane | Charlottesville, VA 22903
Tel: (434) 202-7813  Email:
Twitter @ GHCville
M-F 7am-6pm | Sat 7am-5pm

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Bread Gifts

Little knick-knack gifts don’t always go over so well, but everybody likes receiving food as a present! And what better choice than something made from scratch that you can feel good about giving? Our gift selection is not just limited to baked goods we have all sorts of pancake, cookie, and oatmeal mixes, amazing nut butters, spreads and dips and honey from local apiaries. Come by and we would be happy to create the perfect gift basket for you.

We also have gift cards in any denomination!

Shipping: Spread Gifts Far and Wide! 

Great Harvest Cville's shipping program is in continual development.  We're starting with some of our dry mixes because they have excellent shelf life and can survive the rigors of shipping!  In the future we may be able to ship some of our baked goods but in the meantime we recommend you check out the Great Harvest Store Locator because there may be one closer than you think!  We're using Google Checkout to process our orders, and have been experimenting with different shipping carrier options.  We welcome any feedback you have, and especially any product requests!
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