What's Bakin'!

Our breads and sweets menu changes monthly, and specialty products are offered for shorter periods of time. Join our email list for the latest updates! Our breads are baked from scratch every day and don't start coming out of the oven until around 9:30 am. Please call ahead to make sure your favorite bread is available before coming in!

Check our homepage for this month's bread and sweets menu! 

Rewards Programs! 

Cardagin is a computer-based rewards program based on dollars spent. There's no need to keep track of a paper loyalty card! 

  • Get points for ANYTHING you buy in our store - not just bread! 
  • When you accumulate points, you earn free treats like scuffins, bread, and sandwiches. 
  • Use your smart phone to track your points OR just tell us your phone number at the register and we'll keep you updated on how many you have. 
  • All you have to do is sign up  here (unfortunately we can't do that for you) 
  • Sometimes we will have secret coupons sent out too, so keep checking in! 
  • If you want to stick to using breadcards, you're more than welcome to, or you can have us convert your current breadcard to points - just ask us the next time you're in.  

Use a bread card keep track of your loaves purchased. Buy 12 get one free! 

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